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Just Pay to Click is a PTC site that "pays" you to click ads at . Let me warn you!! Don't waste your time and money on this site. It began when I was looking for ways to make money online & clicked on this link. I signed up for free and started clicking adds. I didn't get much, but it was more than other PTCs give you, and I was kind of happy with it. Then I found out about direct referrals. I was awed at how much money they said I could make. I went and upgraded my account to Ultimate for $100 for 1 year & then advertised my promotion(referral link) on other PTCs and sites which cost me about $200. I had over 300 direct referrals & then bought 100 rented referrals. In less than a week, I had $1,706 in my account balance. I then decided to cash out & entered my correct paypal information. I waited for a day and went to justpaytoclick.com and it said that they sent the payment already. Now here I am looking at my paypal account and it's the same as it always was. No extra 1,700 was added. I waited for more than a week and still nothing. It was heartbreaking when I found out that all my precious time & money I invested into this was gone. Just GONE!! I didn't have a job and borrowed the $361.24 I used from my mom. I was cheated. Badly. And I hope you don't do the same thing...

If you want to really earn money, you should go to:

1) http://adf.ly/Jyz9n <---URL shortener

2) http://adf.ly/JTXrn <---PTC site

3) http://adf.ly/Jyz2P

4) http://adf.ly/Jz0V8 <---Book(AWESOME-earned $3,800)

5) http://adf.ly/Jz0Pn <---Book

Review about: Adverts.


Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia #623520

Me too!!! BUT I DON'T invest any thing!! 8)


Yes, the same thing happened to me!! I didn't invest as much as you but I did upgrade my account to ultimate(for 1 month) & lost a bit. Then, when I went to cash out the $67 i earned, the same thing happened. It has been three days and my paypal account is still 0. Such a scam.

And the URL shortener is AWESOME. It takes time, but I cashed out around $400 after two months sharing it on facebook. If you have a page with traffic, you could earn 10 times as much!!

THanks for making everyone aware about this bro.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #615780

Thkx dude, never gonna touch the site again.I had an account but didn't invest money & yes....the book is just epic.

It's amazing you guys should soooo buy the book.

I don't know about $3,800 BUT i PERSONALLY have made over $1000.You must buy it guys!!


Wow, I signed up for this earlier.Thank god I saw this report otherwise I would've done the same mistake as you!!

Thanks soo much!!:grin

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